Frequently asked questions

Can I obtain a grant in order to study at the Cours de vacances?

Unfortunately the Cours de vacances doesn't give out study grants.

What happens on the first day of class?

You will meet at 8:45 a.m. in the Anthropole building of the University of Lausanne.

Is there an entrance test?

Yes, this test is done online, a few days before your first day of class and it helps us place you in the class that corresponds to your level. This is only to help us place you in the class suited to your level. 

Please note: If your placement test score is below the minimum level required for enrollment in your chosen course, we will try to place you in another class, but this will depend on the availability of space. If there is no space in the other classes, you will not be able to take the course and we will not be able to refund your money.

Are all levels represented ?

All levels are represented in winter and in summer, from Pre-A1 to C1. 

What is the pedagogy practiced at the Cours de vacances?

You will find a description of our pedagogy here and a synoptic view of the didactic sequence model used in the morning practical courses.

Does the Cours de vacances have accommodation for its students?

During the summer, the Cours de vacances has a few rooms in a university residence for those enrolled in a course. The price of the room is not included in the price of the course. More information can be obtained from the school secretariat ( 

During the winter, the Cours de vacances does not have accommodation to offer but can provide information on the various accommodation options. 

Is it possible to study French as a foreign language at Lausanne University during the academic year?

Yes, at the Ecole de français langue étrangère, tel: ++41 (0)21 6923080, e-mail:,

How can I self-assess my French level in order to enrol in the appropriate course?

By refering to the criteria found on the following page: global scale of the European language portfolio. For a more precise appreciation, you can download a test application on the website Le Point du FLE.

Plan 40 to 60 minutes to do the test.

However, classes will be organized according to the CDV placement test that you will take online a few days before the course begins.

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