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Information relating to timetables and study programmes may be found on the display boards of the 2nd floor of the Internef building. An internal televised information system regularly informs you of the various questions of concern to you: schedule changes, conferences, etc.

Structure of the HEC Lausanne Bachelor's program

Bachelor first year

From the very first week, you will feel the "pioneer" spirit of HEC Lausanne. The Onboarding Days are two days of integration where we will introduce you to our values and facilitate your integration into our community. During this first week, you will also begin your first cross-curricular course on sustainability that will continue throughout the first year, during weeks 1 and 8 of each semester.

You will learn about the quantitative foundations of management and economics through courses such as statistics and mathematics. Other courses, such as financial accounting, computer models, management and business ethics, and political economy, will take you directly to the heart of the proposed degrees.

In addition, during your first year, you will take a language course specially designed for HEC Lausanne students, "English for Communicating in Business and Economics" adapted to your level of competence. These courses are taught in small groups and are designed to meet the specific language needs of HEC Lausanne students and to develop effective communication skills.

Bachelor second year

The study of management and economics becomes more advanced. You expand your knowledge of key business functions through the study of disciplines such as Marketing, Finance, Controlling, Information Systems, Operations and Supply Chain, as well as courses in economics, such as microeconomics, and macroeconomics. In addition, you can deepen your analytical skills with course offerings such as Data analytics, Econometrics, Management science, and Risk management.

In cross-disciplinary and interactive year-long courses, you will deepen your communication, leadership, and sustainability skills.

Bachelor third year

In the final year of the Bachelor's program, you will take advanced theoretical and applied courses in economics or management, depending on the field you choose.

If you opt for the Bachelor's degree in management, you will take optional courses of various kinds related to this discipline and mentioned in the second year. In addition, you will be able to acquire a certain number of credits by validating an internship, an individual project, language courses, or even courses from the Bachelor in Economics and/or other faculties.

If you choose the Bachelor in Economics program, you will take core and elective courses in economics, finance and statistics. You will also be able to earn a certain number of credits by completing an internship, an individual project or courses in management and/or other faculties.

Exchange programs allow you to go on an exchange for a semester or an academic year, in Switzerland or abroad. For more information: Exchange programs

Exchange programmes

The exchange programmes give you the opportunity to go on exchange for a semester or an academic year, in Switzerland or abroad. Learn more

Foreign languages

A copy of your certificate must be submitted to the Bachelors' administration office by the end of the current exam session at the latest:

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