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The HEC Faculty offers a mentoring programme that has the potential to increase your integration, your quality of life at Unil and your chances of success in your studies. This programme is organised as follows.

First, you will be invited to an introductory session presenting the programme. You will find all the information you need to participate and will be able to ask questions to the person in charge of the mentoring. You will then be put in contact with your mentor, a 3rd year Bachelor student who is already very familiar with the Bachelor programme and the HEC Faculty. Finally, you will be accompanied for one semester thanks to regular sessions during which you will meet your mentor as well as other students in order to achieve the objectives you will have set at the beginning of the semester.

What this programme can offer you :

  • Support from an experienced person who has already experienced and succeeded at this stage of university
  • The opportunity to meet other motivated students
  • The opportunity to set goals and to have a follow-up during a semester
  • Moral support in times of adversity

To participate, we invite you to register as soon as possible via our registered Moodle teaching platform if you are already registered or non-registered Moodle (by entering via "external user" and not Unil) if you are not yet registered. The first meeting will take place during the first week of the semester and the programme activities will start during the second week of the semester. We will give you more details in due time on Moodle.

Some testimonials from the participants of the 2021-2022 year

"The mentoring programme has allowed me to be reassured on certain points that can be uncertain and can be a source of stress, an added pressure. It also allows me to communicate with students who have succeeded in order to see that it is possible, to discuss ways of achieving it, to manage stress and also to realise that we all have the same uncertainty. You also meet people, which can be difficult depending on your situation.

"Asking all your questions to a 3rd year student is a great asset to feel comfortable in this new university life. My mentor has helped me find new learning techniques and the fact that he has also been through this is an advantage."

"I think students who have a complicated start can really benefit from this programme, just knowing that there is someone you can talk to is very reassuring. Personally my start went very well and it helped me and it would help even more if there are difficulties in this transition phase. I spoke to a few people on the programme who also said it was helpful; we had fewer questions than other students and could sometimes even answer their questions. The transition to university was definitely smoother.

"It allows us to meet people and to get a better understanding of the university world. This programme also allows us to be reassured on certain points that were perhaps not clear to us at the beginning (such as, for example, the conditions of success for the first year, the difficulties of certain courses, etc.). Finally, I think it is good to have the follow-up of someone who has been there and who can therefore give us advice!

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