CAS in Sport Management and Policy

The topic

Sport as a phenomenon to manage

Sport today is a completely social phenomenon. It effects and interacts with the world of politics, the economy and the sociocultural environment. Managing the world of sport has become enormously complex, and the managerial tools have diversified and multiplied.

Because this field is in a process of constant mutation, the leaders of Swiss sport must have the knowledge and specific tools to optimise the management and leadership of their sporting organisations.


This course’s goal is to help participants acquire the skills and tools necessary for the optimal management of sports organisations. It also enables individuals from different sporting horizons in Switzerland and abroad to meet and exchange experiences. Participants will thus be able to acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for them to take on leadership and management roles in either public or private sports organisations.

Target audience

This course is mainly aimed at the leaders or managers of sports federations, associations and clubs, federal, cantonal and communal civil servants in charge of sports issues, former elite sportsmen and sportswomen seeking new careers, employees of international sports organisations, and any person interested in a job in sports management.

Speakers (subject to modifications)
Name Function
Stefano Caneppele ESC-UNIL
Estelle de La Rochefoulcaud Advisor to the Court of Arbitration for Sport
Tom Dielen Secretary General of World Archery
Ophélia Dysli-Jeanneret Head of the Sports Department of the City of Yverdon-les-Bains
Tom Dyson Breitling Sponsoring Manager
Olivier Gloor Director of the Morat-Friborg running
Christophe Hubschmid ISSUL
Patrice Iseli Head of the Sports Department of the City of Lausanne
Markus Lang UNIL-ISSUL
Pierre-André Leuenberger President of LUC (Lausanne University Club)
Ian Logan Director General of the Lausanne 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games
Direction Swiss Volunteers
Jean-Claude Ray Secretary General of Swiss Sailing
Daniel Rossellat Founder and President, Paléo Festival
Giancarlo Sergi President of the Swiss Basketball Federation and General Secretary of GLMS
Franco Tufo Managing Director, Citec SA
Programme (subject to modifications)
Teaching methods

This postgraduate course uses a variety of teaching methods (presentations, discussions, conferences, video); it carefully balances a mixture of theoretical teaching and case studies. Renowned guest lecturers and speakers will share their particular experiences with participants. The course is divided into seven two-day modules.

Qualifications and Certificates

Award and Certificate

Consistent and active participation in the course, in addition to the preparation of an individual course project, are necessary for the award of a certificate of continuing education/Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Public Administration, with a specialisation in Sport Management and Policy. This is awarded by the Foundation of Continuing Education and is worth 15 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits.

Participants who follow the entire course but who decide not to prepare an individual or group project will receive a certificate of attendance (without ECTS credits).

Participants in the MAS in Public Administration (MPA) must produce a trimestral work project about a subject covered during the course.

Continuing education regulations

Practical information and Registration

Program management

Prof. Jean-Loup Chappelet

Date, time and place

This course will take place approximately every two weeks, on Thursdays and Fridays from September to December, 2022, from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the IDHEAP building or on the UNIL campus.

Conditions of admission

A graduate degree or professional experience deemed equivalent in the field of sport. Admission to the course is by application dossier. See the regulation for the CAS in Sport Management and Policy.

Registration fees

Total course registration fees come to CHF 4,600 (including all documentation) which should be paid on receipt of the invoice, and by the start of the course at the latest.

A discount of 5%, up to a maximum of CHF 500 per course, is available to any IDHEAP alumni—holding an MPA, DAS or CEMAP, an IDHEAP PhD or a Master’s in PMP—who wish to follow a CAS course or a Seminar for Specialists and Executives organised by IDHEAP. This reduction does not apply to participants in the DAS who subsequently wish to follow the MPA course.

Any decision to withdraw from the course must be made in writing. If withdrawal from the course in announced between 21 and ten days prior to its commencement, 50% of the registration fee will remain due. If withdrawal from the course is announced less than 10 days before its commencement, the entire registration fee is due.

Registration deadline

The registration form must be returned to IDHEAP at least one month before the start of the course. It is strongly recommended to register as early as possible as the number of participants is limited. Requests for a place are dealt with by order of arrival.

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