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Subsidising research is an ongoing challenge. While some funding agencies such as the Swiss National Science Foundation or European Research Funding Agency are well known, Swiss, European or US Foundations, Innosuisse, COST are less known.

Please look in financing registers for further information

Teams in the central services or in faculties are supporting advanced researchers to help them selecting appropriate funding sources, submitting projects, negotiating contracts (PACTT) and doing the financial monitoring.

Institutions hosted at UNIL or supporting the UNIL academic community

In addition to the ten foundations hosted at the direction of the University of Lausanne, several other foundations are hosted at UNIL. Here below there is a list of foundations and organisations supporting more specifically our students and researchers.

Fonds des publications de l'UNIL

Fondation des Presses Polytechniques et Universitaires Romandes

  • Publications of books or other teaching supports

Fondation Me J.J. van Walsem pro Universitate

  • Individual support or publications in the fields of law, economics, literature, philosophy and theology. You must be of Swiss or Dutch nationality.

Fonds du Dr E. Rub

  • Section of fundamental sciences of FBM
  • Individual support, travel and exchanges, invitation of scientists, organization of symposia, seminars, communication, purchase of equipment, publications.

Fondation Michel Tossizza

  • Biomedical research carried out in the institutes and hospitals of UNIL or affiliated hospitals.

Fondation Anna et André Livio Glauser

  • Support for research in medicine, in general, and in orthopaedics and surgery, in particular
  • Awards for students and young researchers in medicine

Société académique vaudoise (SAV)

  • The SAV host several foundations supporting students and researchers.
  • Scholarships, research projects, equipment, publications, exchanges with Canada. 

Fondation Fern Moffat

  • All faculties (including medicine)
  • Scholarships, individual support, research or awards

Fondation Pittet

  • Scholarships or individual support: all faculties 
  • Medical Research Projects

Fondation Emile et Odette Moser

  • Scholarships for needy students
  • Medical Research Projects

Fondation vaudoise Jérémine, Lugeon et Rabot pour la géologie

  • Development of geological sciences at UNIL

Fondation en faveur de la Faculté des Hautes Etudes Commerciales de l'Université de Lausanne

  • Financial support of specific projets of the Faculty of Business and Economics (HEC Lausanne) 

Fondation Reinhard & Raja Klarmann

  • Awards for master thesis, in the field of international or multicultural business

Fondation romande pour l'étude de la fiscalité

  • Support for teaching, research, exchange and publication in the field of Swiss fiscal taxes and comparative and international taxation (Fiscalité)

Fondation Huguette et Pierre-Robert Gilliéron

  • Scholarships, subsidies or awards for a Ph.D thesis at UNIL in the field of enforcement  (Exécution forcée)

Fondation Georges Paillard

  • Support for commercial and economic education at HEC

Fondation pour l'enseignement du judaïsme à l'Université de Lausanne (FEJUNIL)

  • Award for a publication or writing of a master or PhD student related to Judaism
  • Support for teaching and research on Judaism.

Fondation de l'Ecole suisse d'archéologie en Grèce

  • Support for archaeological and historical research performed by Swiss scientists in Greece
    Support for the training of young archaeologists

Fondation du prix lémanique de la traduction

  • "Prix lémanique de traduction" for high-quality translations from German into French or from French into German

Fondation pour des bourses d'études italo-suisses

  • All faculties
  • Individual support for Swiss students and Ph.D candidates studying in Italy and vice versa.

Fondation Zdenek et Michaela Bakala

  • All faculties
  • Individual support for Ph.D or post-doc or scientific stay in a renowned foreign university US, GB etc...

Fondation Brocher

  • This foundation benefits from an exceptional residence. It host about ten scientists on site for stays of one to six months (to write an article, develop a project or finish a thesis).

Other funding agencies supporting students, PhD students, post-docs or professors can be found in the registers listed here 

Short list of funding for MEDICAL RESEARCH


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