Issues of sexual orientation and gender identity are at the heart of the work of several researchers at UNIL, as well as of networks and projects.

SOGIESC Law Project (General information to find legal information on LGBTIQ issues)  

Interdisciplinary Research Group on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (UNIL PlaGe)

Legal developments in Switzerland on Facebook

LGBTIQ+ survey in Switzerland 2019


In the context of the display of the CONTINUUM exhibition at UNIL at the end of 2021, the PlaGe and the UNIL Equality Office have collaborated to create several panels presenting and raising visibility on some of the research on LGBTIQ+ thematics done by UNIL researchers.


UNIL LGBTIQ+ Research Panels

1. Sortons du ghetto.png   2. Discriminations sexistes et homophobes form. prof..png     3. Le Panel Suisse LGBTIQ+.png   4. Mariage pour toutes et tous.png     5. L’évolution des droits.png   6. La liberté de conscience en croisade.png


If you are interested in displaying these panels (poster format) in your department or institution, we invite you to contact the PlaGe, which owns the rights.

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