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The Master of Theology course deepens basic knowledge acquired during the Bachelor degree. It provides extensive knowledge and skills in several branches of theology. Students organise their programmes to reflect the orientation they intend to follow in their training. Courses and the dissertation provide a good grasp of methodological tools. As well as knowledge specifically related to theology, students develop cross - disciplinary skills that will facilitate their integration in the professional and academic world. Students benefit from first - class teaching on advanced research subjects. The diversity of study areas and the possibility of personalised accompaniment allow students to acquire a solid knowledge of theology. This programme is offered jointly by the Faculties of Theology of the Universities of Lausanne and Geneva.

You will study at least six of the seven branches offered. You will also have 18 optional credits allowing you to specialise or strengthen your profile as a generalist. The branches of study are the following ones:

  • Old Testament / Hebrew Bible
  • New Testament
  • History of Christianity
  • Systematic Theology
  • Ethics
  • Practical Theology
  • Study of Religions

Study via classroom and distance learning

The Master of Theology course will give you the unique option of fitting your studies around your personal and professional needs. You can decide whether to follow each module in the classroom or on our interactive web platform. Classroom-based courses are run at our campuses in Lausanne and Geneva. Thanks to our extensive experience in e-learning, our distance-learning courses use a wide range of pedagogical tools specific to this type of teaching. Staff specialising in e-learning will support you throughout your course.

Practical information

College of protestant theology

Degree awarded
Master of Theology (MTh)

ECTS credits

4 semesters, maximum 6

Teaching language
French. Recommended level : C1.

Admission requirements
The candidate must be a holder of a Bachelor of Theology or a university degree judged to be equivalent by the Council of the College of protestant theology, subject to the candidate’s formal admissibility to the Master’s degree course.

Enrolment and final dates
Regardless of the branches chosen, candidates enrol with one of the partner universities :

Students choose the university they enrol with.

It is possible for students to begin the Master of Theology degree course in either the autumn or the spring semester. Applications to be submitted before 30 April (autumn semester) and 30 November (spring semester) to the Admissions Office.

Candidates needing a visa to study in Switzerland must apply for enrolment at least two months prior to the deadlines indicated above.

More information
Timetables and course descriptions

Career prospects

In addition to advanced skills in very varied fields, the Master of Theology develops independence of thought and the ability to organise work independently. These intellectual and human qualities offer interesting career prospects in many areas (depending on specialisation, further training may be required) :

  • Ecclesiastical professions (pastor, specialised ministries: hospital, prison or youth chaplaincy, military chaplain, etc)
  • Academic research
  • Teaching
  • Social services (marriage guidance counsellor, support or welfare officer)
  • Human resources
  • Media (journalism, communication)
  • Book-related professions (publishing, bookselling)
  • Governmental and non-governmental organisations

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