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Supervising doctoral students (in French)

Define roles and responsibilities, establish a good relationship

This half-day workshop will address the following points, through mini-presentations, a case study and group discussions:

  • Defining your roles and responsibilities as a supervisor and those of your doctoral students;
  • Establish effective and appropriate communication;
  • Using the UNIL Code of Practice for the doctorate as a tool in doctoral supervision;
  • Use various tools to analyse and develop your practice;
  • Know the professional opportunities and the future of doctoral graduates (academic and non-academic careers).

Target audience: Academic staff at the University of Lausanne responsible for supervising doctoral students from all faculties. This workshop is intended for people with or without experience in the field of supervision.

The main language of the workshop is French. Participants are free to ask questions in English, and small groups will be organised in English wherever possible.

Moderators: Prof. Estelle Doudet, Vice-Rector for Research / Dr. Mélanie Bosson, Co-Director of the Graduate Campus

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Being a Professor or MER at UNIL

Roles, responsibilities and challenges

Through your commitment to UNIL, you will contribute to the realization of the institutional missions of teaching and research at the regional, national and international levels.

In order to help you integrate into the UNIL culture and environment by providing you with the appropriate conditions for success, the UNIL Management provides training for all new Professors and Senior Lecturers I and II (MER I & II).

This training is part of the evaluation procedure of the Directorate Directives 1.4 and 1.15 which provide for mandatory training modules to be taken during the first two years of new hires as Professors or MER I and II.


The objectives of this training are as follows:

  • Understand the UNIL environment (missions, values, organization, functioning, etc.)
  • To acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill one's role in teaching, research and management
  • To promote internal networking and contact with the various UNIL departments

More information on the training (dates, program, etc.).



This training is highly recommended but optional for PRIMA FNS and ECCELLENZA professors.


Individual consultation

The Graduate Campus can provide advice and support for your needs in supervising doctoral and postdoctoral researchers.

For more information and to arrange an appointment, please write to the Graduate Campus with a brief description of your request.


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