PhD defense

Workshop | PhD title and diploma


Preparing to present your thesis to a jury and to the public

Distinguish the context of the jury examination from that of the public presentation

  • What is at stake when facing the Jury?
  • How best to prepare the public presentation?
  • How to communicate effectively ?
  • Are you ready to respond to the Jury?

You will be asked to bring a 5 minute presentation of your PhD research.

Target public: doctoral candidates (2 to 6 months before the jury examination or public presentation)

Facilitator: Dr Mélanie Bosson, Deputy to the Vice-Rector for Junior Faculty Development

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PhD title and diploma

Once you have successfully defended your thesis and made any required corrections to the manuscript, a few steps are still necessary before you receive your diploma. You need to pay the defense fee, follow all the specific steps required by your Faculty, and deliver the correct amount of copies to the library. Until those steps are taken, you are required to stay enrolled as a PhD candidate and pay the semester fees.

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