Master in Actuarial science

Degree awarded

Master of Science (MSc) in Actuarial Science



Professor Séverine Arnold, Director of the Master in Actuarial Science (MScAS)

The curriculum develops an understanding of the actuarial principles and techniques necessary for the management of insurance companies, financial and savings institutions, as well as pension funds and social security systems. Although applied mathematics are the actuary's main tool, good knowledge of management, economics, finance, computing and data analytics (machine learning) is also required to enable him to work effectively and ensure an adequate level of professional expertise.

Types of teaching

This curriculum includes specialized courses in risk theory, stochastic processes, compound interest, credibility, mathematics for finance and actuarial modeling for insurance. Most of the subjects taught involve training in quantitative risk management, the actuary's most important working tool. Courses are taught in English by highly qualified academics with strong profiles.


This Master is recognized by the Swiss Association of Actuaries (SAA) and hence by the European Actuarial Associations. Moreover, certain courses prepare the students for the first professional exams of the Society of Actuaries (SOA) based in the United States of America.

Why choose this Master’s program?

  • Excellent career prospects: insurance companies, pension funds, consultants, banks, multinationals companies, government bodies and as an independent;
  • Significant financial compensation as an actuary: high salaries in most countries in the world;
  • There are approximately 50’000 actuaries working worldwide while the World Bank estimates that 25’000 more are needed. Incidentally, there is no unemployment in this sector;
  • In Switzerland, the density of insurance is extremely high;
  • Internationally recognized qualifications;
  • Low registration costs

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