A network for communal authorities

The Local Politics Committee for French-speaking Switzerland (CROPOL)

The Local Politics Committee for French-speaking Switzerland (CROPOL) brings together representatives from the different cantonal umbrella associations, including municipal executives and communal secretaries, and representatives of those cantons’ supervisory authorities. CROPOL was founded as part of an initiative by IDHEAP in 1991 and now collaborates with the Institute to organise training and events for the political and administrative leaders from French-speaking Switzerland’s many communes. This partnership with IDHEAP’s professors and specialists ensures a good fit between the training programmes offered and communal actors’ needs. Thanks to CROPOL’s financial commitment to this partnership, these services can be provided at preferential rates.

Local Politics Forums

IDHEAP’s Local Politics Forums are not-to-be-missed events for the political and administrative leaders of French-speaking Switzerland’s communes. Each year the Forums consider the key themes of local politics using contributions from academia and communal authorities’ real-life experiences.

Made-to-measure continuing education

IDHEAP’s professors and specialists are available to organise specific training courses for the members of particular cantonal umbrella organisations. They can provide communal authorities with a broad range of skills covering the principal domains of local-level public administration. Training sessions can take place in the relevant canton, as needed, and can be adapted to that canton’s particular legislation and specificities. Training programmes are designed in partnership with the commune’s corresponding cantonal association. Such made-to-measure programmes have taken place several times in the cantons of Fribourg, Geneva, Jura, Neuchâtel, Valais and Vaud.

Short training courses

Short, decentralised training courses can also be prepared to dive more deeply into problematic issues raised at Local Politics Forums.

Local Politics Committee for French-speaking Switzerland (CROPOL)
  • Michel Brahier, President of the Association of Jura Communes (AJC)
    La Frimesse 13
    2824 Vicques
    Tél. 032 435 17 37


  • Stéphane Coppey, President of the Federation of Valais Communes (FCV)
    Secrétariat général
    Viktoriastrasse 15
    Case Postale 685
    3900 Brigue
    Tel. 027 924 66 00
  • Francis Gasser, Head of Department, State of Valais, DSIS
    Service des affaires intérieures et communales
    Section des finances communales
    Bâtiment AVE
    Avenue de la Gare 39
    1950 Sion
    Tél. 027 606 24 31

  • François Godet, Former representative of the Association of Neuchâtel Communes (ACN), Secretary of CROPOL
    Chemin des Tires 40
    2034 Peseux
    Tél. 032 731 76 78
  • Micheline Guerry, General Secretary of the Fribourg Association of Communal Secretaries (ACF), President of CROPOL
    Chemin de la Croix
    CP 177
    1566 St-Aubin
    Tél. 026 677 04 25

    Philippe Guex, President of the Geneva Association of Communal Secretaries (AGSC), General Secretary of the Commune of Thônex
    Chemin du Bois-Des-Arts 58
    Case postale 64
    1226 Thônex
    Tél. 022 869 39 00
  • Pierre Leu, Head of the Canton of Neuchâtel’s Communes Department
    Département des Finances et des affaires sociales
    Rue du Château 16
    2001 Neuchâtel
    Tél. 032 889 66 50


  • Gérald Mutrux, Head of the Canton of Fribourg’s Communes Department
    Service des Communes du canton de Fribourg
    Direction des institutions, de l’agriculture et des forêts
    Place Notre-Dame 4
    Case postale
    1701 Fribourg
    Tél. 026 305 22 42
  • Christophe Riat, Canton of Jura’s Delegate for Communal Affairs
    Rue du 24 septembre 2
    2800 Delémont
    Tél. 032 420 58 50

  • André Rothenbühler, Secretary of the Jura–Bienne Regional Association (ARJB)
    Route de Sorvilier 21
    2735 Bévilard
    Tel. 032 492 71 30
  • Alain Rütsche, President of the Association of Geneva Communes (ACG)
    Boulevard des Promenades 20-22
    Case Postale 1276
    1227 Carouge
    Tél. 022 309 33 50

  • Eloi Fellay, Chairman of the Union of Vaud Communes (UCV)
    Avenue de Lavaux 35
    CP 481
    1009 Pully
    Tél. 021 557 81 32

  • Michel Walthert, representative of the Bernese Jura’s Association of Communal Secretaries, Treasurer for CROPOL
    Rue Neuve 20
    2613 Villeret

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