The political capital of Switzerland

In this project, we focus on the development of the militia as the cornerstone of Switzerland's political system. Of all the areas of institutionalized voluntary work, the declines in political activities and management tasks are most pronounced. The research project aims to investigate this development and to analyze it systematically: Why do citizens take over a political office? Are there unequal regional developments? What personal characteristics and contextual configurations can explain the willingness to accept a militia office? Are the motives of people holding political office different from those of other volunteers? What drives people in militia authorities? What may the militia office of the future look like? The research project aims to provide answers to these questions and to enrich and systematize the current political debate on the future and viability of the Swiss militia system. The project is a collaboration with Markus Freitag and Martina Flick from the Department of Political Science of the University of Bern.

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