How to register online and prepare your application

| Online application to a Bachelor programme with a foreign secondary school diploma

It is necessary to submit your application online and, according to the provided instructions, to send the documents either by post or by downloading them during the online registration.
Only complete applications submitted within the specified deadlines will be examined. If one or more of the documents referred to below are missing without justification, the application will be closed without further action and no decision will be sent to the candidates.

Content of applications for admission to a Bachelor's programme with a foreign diploma - see list of documents and detailed instructions

Accepted candidates will receive a certificate of admission to registration (this certificate is indispensable for obtaining a visa).

If they are subjected to the obligation of obtaining a visa, candidates must contact the Embassy or Swiss Consulate of their place of residence as soon as possible to apply for a visa for study purposes to enter Switzerland. After obtaining their student's visa they must report to the above address within the specified timeframe in possession of the documents indicated to them, such as:

- certificate of admission to registration;

- original of their diploma of upper secondary education;

- an address in Switzerland valid for the duration of their university studies.

If the documents presented are not in order or if the candidate fails to pass the entrance exam, if required, registration will be refused.

more details on the registration procedure

If the admission requirements are not met the application is refused. In this case, admission is only possible after obtaining a university degree recognized by UNIL.


Online application to a Bachelor programme with a foreign secondary school diploma


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