SEMP exchanges for administrative and technical staff

The Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP) offers administrative and technical staff the opportunity to take part in a continuing education programme in a European institution for between two days and two weeks. The programme is funded by the Swiss national agency Movetia.

Financial support (depending on funds available)

Type of expense



Accommodation, subsistence, administrative fees, local transport

On submission of the Mobility Agreement and of the Final Report

CHF 170 per working and/or travel day

Travel costs

Distance between the home and host institutions according to the online distance calculator of the European Commission

Fixed allowance according to the mileage rates of the Swiss national agency

Disability-related expenses

On request via the Special Needs application form in French or in English to be sent to the International Relations Office

According to needs

In addition, UNIL offers a travel insurance.


Before the trip

  • Contact the institution you want to visit and decide together what form the visit will take, such as the number of days, programme and objectives.
  • Notify the International Relations Office of your plans as soon as possible, using the Mobility agreement and training programme document (in French or in English).
  • Participants with a disability should complete the Special Needs application form in French or in English and return it to the International Relations Office.

The International Relations Office will let you know whether it can provide financial support, depending on the funds available.

During your visit

  • Have the partner institution sign the Certificate of attendance (in French or in English) to confirm your attendance at the host organisation.
  • Keep your receipts so that you can have your expenses reimbursed.

After the trip

Send the International Relations Office the following documents within 30 days of your return:

  • Final report in French or in English
  • A paper version of the Expenses report (in French or in English), hand signed
  • Certificate of attendance (in French or in English) signed by the host organisation
  • Receipts for your travel expenses (evidence of payment for train tickets or air travel, or original tickets).

The International Relations Office will reimburse you according to the rates listed above.

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Training courses


The website iMotion lien_externe_2.jpg lists a large number of courses. Contact the International Relations Office if any of them interest you.