Hourly Rates

For businesses, wages sub-quoted are GROSS, percentage holidays should be added. | Private lessons, school support | Babysitting, childcare | Caring job (elderly, handicapped) | Various Services | Hostess Service (exhibitions, conferences) | Administration, secretarial | Computer, data entry, programming | Translation, interpretation

For businesses, wages sub-quoted are GROSS, percentage holidays should be added.

The below rates are indicative but minimum rates. Each company (including UNIL) has its own rates that will apply.

Private lessons, school support

Level 1 Student 2 Students
Primary cycle 1 / cycle 2 Fr. 25.-/hour Fr. 30.-/hour
Secondary VP / VG / apprenticeship Fr. 28.-/hour Fr. 32.-/hour
College / adults Fr. 32.-/hour Fr. 37.-/hour
Courses outside school:
language, music, etc. ... Fr. 32.-/hour Fr. 37.-/hour

Babysitting, childcare

Period Rate
Evening from 19h Fr. 15.-/hour
The day until 19h Fr. 17.-/hour
The day until 19h (from 3 kids) Fr. 20.-/hour

Caring job (elderly, handicapped)

Period Rate
During the day (small services, reading, talking) Fr. 15.-/hour
Night Package (19h-8h) From Fr. 130.-

Various Services

Type of employment Rate
Cleaning, ironing, gardening, driver, deliveryman Fr. 25.-/hour
Posters Display (price per poster and by size) Fr. 1.- à 1.50 /poster
Prints distribution, posters, flyers (per thousand) Fr. 45.-/thousand
Night Porter Fr. 150.-/night
Waiter- Waitress, Dishwasher Fr. 20.-/hour
Sales Fr. 20.-/hour
Courier Fr. 20.-/hour
Heavy lifting (eg. Removal) Fr. 25.-/hour
Light handling (eg. printing and enveloping services) Fr. 21.-/hour
Dog walker Fr. 13.-/hour

Hostess Service (exhibitions, conferences)

Type of employment Rate
Hostess, bi-and trilingual Fr. 28.-/hour
Predict CHF 30.- for meal and night supplement

Administration, secretarial

Type of employement Rate
Filing, photocopying, small office work Fr. 20.-/hour
Operator, Receptionist Fr. 25.-/hour
Secretariat Fr. 25.-/hour
Bi-and trilingual secretariat Fr. 30.-/hour

Computer, data entry, programming

Type of employment Rate
Data processing Fr. 23.-/hour
Programming Fr. 45.-/hour
Basic course, reorganisations... Fr. 35.-/hour
Development, improvement Fr. 40.-/hour

Translation, interpretation

Type of employement Rate
Written translation (per page) Fr. 35.-
Oral translation or recording Fr. 25.-/hour
Liaison Interpreter Fr. 40.-/hour
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