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Besomi Daniele

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Editing of writings of economists
Edition of the interwar correspondence and the papers of Roy Harrod (3-volumes set, Elgar 2003), of hi later correspondence with Joan Robinson, and of a poem by James Meade.

Comments on practice of textual editing, with reference to economists' papers

History of business cycle and crises theories
Previous research: the dynamics of Michal Kalecki, Ragnar Frisch, and Richard M. Goodwin. The business cycle theories of Tugan-Baranowsky, Bouniatian, Mitchell. Harrod's dynamic economics, and related topics. Editing of Harrod's papers and correspondence. The early theories of crises of William Huskisson, Auguste Ott, Anthony Lawson, John Wade.

Current research: History of business cycle and crises theories. Editing of the documents and correspondence related to the League of Nations' inquiry on businss depressions, 1934-37


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