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Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS)

The topic

A functioning State and its public services must meet multiple requirements relating to the current political debate, technical and financial uncertainties, as well as the rules arising from the constitutional and legal order in place. Organising a well-functioning State through public regulation and its legal sources, operation and technical implementation, make up an essential element of managing public policies.

Legal education usually puts an emphasis on the legal interpretation and legal reasoning. The questions of the political, economic and historic foundations and of the law drafting are barely touched upon. This course introduces to basic legal concepts (the concept of law, the concept of rule of law, the principles of good administration, the sources of law) and to processes and methods of drafting laws and decisions. 

  • Learn the most important legal concept and legal instruments which serves as the framework and support for State action;
  • Learn the process of drafting the law and familiarise students with the working of creating legislation;
  • Learn the process of decision-making and the principles of good administration;
  • Train students to participate effectively in the design of new laws and manage legislative projects;
  • Train students to identify the principal legal problems linked to decision-making in public administration;
  • Train students to manage the principal procedural aspects linked to treating administrative cases with a view to decision-making;
Target audience
  • Students studying for the MAS in Public Administration (MPA);
  • Students studying for the DAS in Public Administration;
  • Policy-makers and members of the federal, cantonal and communal administrations.
Programme (subject to modifications)
Teaching methods

The method adopt in this course will be based on reading papers before attending classes. During the classes, their main concepts will be discussed and trained through cases studies and general practical exercises.

Practical information and Registration
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