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In order to obtain the award of Doctor in Public Administration from the University of Lausanne’s Faculty of Law, Criminal Justice and Public Administration, the PhD student must go through every stage of the doctoral studies process laid out below. For further details, please refer to the Regulations for the award of a Doctorate in Public Administration from the University of Lausanne’s Faculty of Law, Criminal Justice and Public Administration.

  • Verify the Doctorate programme's conditions of admission and ensure eligibility by consulting the University of Lausanne’s Admissions Office (see the UNIL Rectorate’s instructions on conditions of admission) Art.4, line 2
  • Find a thesis supervisor Art.6
  • Write a three-page thesis proposal using “UNIL’s doctorate of Public Administration enrollment form” Art. 7. and a training plan Art.11 
  • Submit the thesis proposal and training plan (at latest 1 year after being hired) to the Research Committee (RC) (which gives its opinion and forwards documents to the Dean’s office for approval) Art. 7. The thesis jury composition must comprise two members already Art.9
  • Finalise enrollment at UNIL by sending the thesis approval to the doctoral school’s secretariat
  • Attend and participate in the doctoral school (Attend to the 3 mandatory courses, obtain 6 ECTS credits in methodological courses and 9 ECTS credits in theoretical course) or equivalent training recognised by IDHEAP Art.11
  • Present the progress made on the thesis at a preliminary thesis meeting (at the latest 2 years after approval of the thesis proposal) Art. 14. The thesis jury must be complete prior to the meeting Art.9
  • Ensure (in principal yearly) follow-up on the thesis via research seminars Art.16
  • Submit the thesis manuscript to the members of the thesis jury Art.17 al.1
  • Collect the thesis jury’s report (at the latest 2 months after submitting the manuscript) and attend the thesis meeting (at the latest 4 months after submitting the manuscript) Art.17 line 2
  • Present the thesis at a defence (at least 3 weeks after the thesis jury’s written decision on the private thesis defence conference) Art.18
  • Receive the imprimatur Art. 19 and print the thesis Art.20
  • Receive the award of the doctorate, after having submitted the manuscript, and the official authorisation to print it, to the University and Cantonal Library of Lausanne (BCUL) Art.21


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