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Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)

The topic

Successfully transforming public organisations is impossible without the united efforts of women and men who genuinely wish to see projects carried out and common goals reached. Making the most of that human capital is a responsibility shared by managers at every level of an organisation’s hierarchy and its human resources specialists. This is a complex domain, however, and multiple projects for reforming human resources (e.g. new staff conditions, new HR policies, new management principles inspired by New Public Management) often lack coordination. Furthermore, most public organisations rely on their own resources and experiences and are reluctant to take inspiration from the many positive external experiences, from any federal level. All of these elements influenced the organisation of this course. It has been designed to develop synergies between public sector organisations and allow participants to truly experiment with personnel management.


  • Provide an overall view of the principal processes which enable the public sector’s human resources to be used to their full potential;
  • Demonstrate the responsibilities and resources that human resources managers and specialists have for contributing to each one of those processes;
  • Share the latest conceptual developments and provide an overview of the current human resources practices used in public services organisations, of leadership methods and of public human resources management;
  • Provide a space in which to exchange experiences and comparative analyses;
  • Guide students as they carry out a seminar project in the form of a 360° analysis of human resources management processes.

Target audience

  • MAS participants in public administration (MPA)
  • Political and administrative officials wishing to deepen the development of human potential
  • Executives in public, private and non-profit companies
  • Union officials


  • French is the main teaching language for this program
  • More information available on the corresponding pages
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